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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  January 31, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

7:00 pm feel free to send us your buttons, your bumper stickers we want to build a war room. thanks so much. ♪[ theme music ]♪ we will build an america where hope is a new job with a paycheck not a faded word on an old bumper sticker. >> watching mitt romney brothers me every single time. if you thought mitt romney's speech was bothersome and i obviously did. wait until you get aload of newt gingrich's speech. "young turks"'s florida primary coverage continues. we have ben, michael, and david,
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and eleanor cliff from "new week" as well. but first let me give you the numbers as we stand. romney at 47. gingrich -- sorry 46 -- gingrich at 31. >> wow. >> 32. it's changing as we speak! it's minute by minute. or i could just read it off there. santorum at 13. and paul at 7%. >> it helps when you do the dramatic reading if you do it right. >> and if you do it before you do santorum. [ laughter ] >> to be fair to me i have more numbers. mitt romney at 27 delegates now.
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ron paul has more delegates than rick santorum but any way the numbers so far have been fantastic. we started out really strong with the numbers. all right. now i want to show you what happened tonight. obviously mitt romney with the decisive victory but getting smaller and smaller as we go. the tweet of the night belongs to david shuster. i'll save that for a little later. and i want to give you romney's speech and gingriches speeches, because they were very interesting. let's watch a piece of romney right now. >> a competitive campaign does not divide us, it prepares us and we will win! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. so mitt romney is saying there
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that we are not divided in fact everybody get behind me because here we go we will all be united together obviously as i are run here. but he is indicating it is already over. it is over? >> i look the jack the situation up. no, it's not over. first of all as we'll see when you show the clip from newt gingrich, 46 states to go. obviously this was a very decisive runner for mitt romney. now you have a body of information indicating that he is -- man, i don't know. it's not over. it is tough for gingrich but it can be done. >> after newt gingrich gave his speech, which we'll show you in a second everybody is like that guy is on a different planet. but i'm not sure he is wrong.
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>> one of the things that is i think most interesting about tonight's numbers is if you -- everybody has been talking all season about the anti-mitt, if you add up who are the de facto conservative candidates right now in florida they have 746,000 which is 20,000 less than mitt romney has. >> all right. now newt gingrich is saying what are my arguments for this that the race is not over is we're finally down to two candidates. let's watch that. >> it's now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader newt
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gingrich and the massachusetts moderate. >> eleanor it is great to see you. so which side is right? is romney right or mitt right? >> well i loved newt chronicling the rest of the day as president. but he hasn't gone the campaign figured out. you look at super-tuesday, gingrich may be able to rack up some delegates. but mitt romney has restored though luster of his inevitable mantel. if gingrich continues perking along will be buried the a
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barrage of negative advertising. the florida republicans didn't seem to mind all of the negative advertising. >> it is interesting, because -- we'll talk about the money later, and myth has more money, et cetera right? >> right. but newt has decided he is going to a different tactic. basically saying it is us versus them. let me play the clip for you guys. >> i am running, our children and son and laws joined us in this decision, because we believe it is cheating our grandchildren to not insist on fundamental basic change in washington even if the establishment doesn't like it. >> in this speech over and over tonight gingrich talked about how he was the anti-establishment candidate, it's money versus people power.
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david who would have thought the populous in the race would be newt freaking gingrich. >> newt gingrich is the flesh and blood per son indication of a thomas nas cartoon. he is the picture of a washington insider. the picture with everything that is wrong with washington. at least mitt romney went out, made his money in business. >> newt gingrich went to washington, became a corrupt speaker of the house, got out of washington and made his money on the what we took from washington. this just shows what a ridiculous fun house circus this whole thing is. >> i think it's a shame the progressives are not taking up that mantle as strongly as they
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should be. but the question is will it work? and i got to tell you guys as i saw newt gingrich's speech i thought, again, don't count him out. there is some chance this thing is going to work right. somebody made a point that he finally mentioned the people for his first time in any of the victory speeches. that he mentioned the crowd. like thank you to all you little people down there. >> and which i'm unfortunately going to have to touch later. >> and who were endorsed by herman cain. >> that's true. but newt is like i'm with you guys. this is a campaign of fundamental change. if you took away the coif rhetoric and just look at the populous rhetoric, you would think it is obama in 2008.
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in the national polls he is still not doing bad. >> no, but they are change a little bit to reflect what happened tonight. but at one point fred thompson gave good speeches. >> no! >> but like -- you know but -- this is his choice as he points out. it is the power of the people versus the power of the pocketbook. and david is of course correct. it is a joke, but he gets to say it, and the people who will call him on that, the main stream media who will do that fairly effectively. he loves that. challenge him. bring it on. >> the truth is that the establishment has always hated gingrich even when he brought them into power. he really was an outsider and a bomb thrower, and he is a bomb
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thrower, and if he ever did become president he would blow up every system he could get his hands on. and the tea party are being trampled and if the tea party decides they want to rally around gingrich he is hoping he can spark a revolution within the party. i think the tea party wants to be with winner. and the that will probably get people to stay home and vote for romney. >> one of the things that is astounding is what a loser rick santorum is tonight. if he is done then gingrich has a good chance of picking up a decent number of those guys. but final thing for this
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segment, is i had planned to talk about mitt romney the whole first segment. he won. he won big. and what did newt do. he came out and overpowered him. and everybody on tv is saying how ungraceful he was. i watched the speech and he did not say good job. i like the fact that this guy came with a bat. >> he gave a speech tonight -- i think the reason we're talking about it is because all of us who have watched this for so long have never seen anything quite like this. this takes joe lieberman's tied for third thing off of the
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field. he basically gave a victory speech don't. >> he is outlining his whole presidency. he gave the first day the whole thing of what he was going to do. let's watch this thing. >> i just want to reassure them tonight we are going to contest every place, and we are going to win, and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> so he explains i'm not going anywhere. i'm coming back to tampa, and then he outlined i'm going to repeal sarbanes oxley. he is like in the first two hours obamacare is gone this is gone that is gone. as i watched that speech i thought here is a guy whether you like him or you don't, who is coming with a bulldozer if he wins.
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and the thing that terrifies me that i believe him. right? whereas president obama oh what is congressing to say, and oh ben nelson i even texted them i don't know. i feel a certain degree of respect that the guy has that kind of will power and belief but i think his agenda is horrible and it scares the living daylights out of me. >> newt gingrich is a guy who has a vision and will do it. i think they are all awful ideas. i think he represents what mitt romney represents. i think that one thing i think that may be working in mitt romney's favor, i really mean this. is newt gingrich makes mitt
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romney look likable. he may be one of the angriest candidates, the most driven candidates, but i don't think he has got likability. and in some ways he kind of humanizes mitt romney. >> no, not possible. as i watched mitt romney i thought this is the most dislikable guy i have ever seen. i think who likes mitt romney? who thinks mitt romney. that's my guy. >> well you are talking about an enthusiasm gap. there's an enthuse am gap that i'm sure you haven't seen play out in the primaries. will he be able to mobile nice
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enthusiasm? >> you will see two of his sons were pretty enthusiastic. >> and like three hedge fund managers on wall street. so we have so much more to talk about here. what is going to happen in february as this thing unfolds. we'll hear the winner's speech. we'll get to rick santorum the loser's speech. a lot of telling moments right now, come right back. >> in the state of the union address the president said these words. let's remember how we got here. don't worry, mr. president, we know exactly how we got here, you won the election.
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frosted in powerful cooling crystals. ice breakers frost. feel the frost. [[vo]]...we're the idea nobody wants to hear. ...until the truth reveals itself. boat-rockers. and above all... and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv. this campaign is about more than replacing a president. it's about saving the soul of america. >> we're back on "the young turks" florida primary coverage.
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and i don't know if you heard me there, but saving the soul of america, [ mumbles ] >> here is mitt romney? >> a man with no soul. >> yeah, the corporate robot talking to me about the soul of america. who are you kidding? i can't remember a candidate in my lifetime with less soul. let's talk about mitt romney. as i watched that speech, guys i thought, one this guy is tough, there's no question about it. he has run a go-dirty campaign. $1.99 from him, 100% from the super pac. >> he had will to win. he is great at punching and
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smiling afterwards. but as he talks about how he cares about the middle class, i think that's the least believable thing i have ever seen. so is he even a good candidate for the republicans if he does win. >> one of the things we're fighting about mitt romney is his appearance to be entitled to the presidency. and i think that's why there is empathy for newt gingrich. what newt gingrich is standing up against is that mitt romney is somebody who doesn't care about the middle class and the common person. and you see newt gingrich there battling against that. so he is your dog in the fight for now, even though he is a dog you wouldn't want to own for
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even put on the roof. [ laughter ] >> what was your sense of it eleanor? looking at the speech did you think this is a guy who has it figured out? he seemed like he thought he was on top of the world when this thing was over. >> if he's going to do any cruising it will be during the primary process. he is a competent manager. he is not a threatening figure. and if he can help make the election focus on obama in a sense that obama is not up to the job, that he really can't turn the economy around, i think the country could take a chance on mitt romney. they would never take a chance on newt gingrich. i recoil from a lot of his rhetoric this notion that we're this country in decline and the way he tosses around his
7:22 pm
assertions that obama doesn't care about this or that. but it's red meat for the republican base right now, and i think he is capable of running a significant campaign and either winning narrowly or losing narrowly. >> you made great points but i think mitt romney is fundamentally full of crap. he talks about jobs and what has he done in massachusetts he was number 47 in job creation. so i don't see what his record on jobs is. and people are tired of the establishment so when newt says i'm going to punch the establishment in the mouth, i can see how people would get tricked into that. romney's tax plan would give another $6 trillion in tax cuts. who the hell is he kidding about
7:23 pm
balancing the budget. so is he believable at all? >> i think he is not believable at all. but president obama has surrounded himself with mitt romneys. people from wall street people who are basically mitt romneys. so i think the problem is making the case that you just made against mitt romney. the president can do it because he is separate from his staff, but i think what you are going to see in the general election is an attempt to try to narrow by mitt romney some of the perceived differences between himself and obama, and it will be incumbent upon obama to try to draw that contrast. that's why i think the white house i think quite obviously is hoping newt gingrich will go on for a lot longer.
7:24 pm
>> but there is a frustration for romney because it is also hard for him to draw contrast. >> no, he says i love the banks even more than tim. >> right. but running as a candidate, that's one of the things that makes romney a frustrated candidate. >> i'm going to buttress those points. this is a terrible year for a guy like mitt romney be the candidate. and it is going to do nothing but help mitt romney. come on. obviously i'm not the wall street insider. he is. he has managed to find the only candidate who appears so clearly and presentably to everyone to be more of a wall street. >> we had this debate in the
7:25 pm
first hour of the program about whether obama would be tough enough. both of those guys want it real bad, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. that's why i continue to be not sure about who is going to win. and if i'm president obama's staff -- let's say i'm running his super pac. i would grab a lead pipe and say every one of you every single day is going to talk about what a loser mitt romney is. this guy is pathetic. all he does is represent the banks. do you think they will pass out lead pipes like that? >> i think they will pass out lead pipes to a lot of people.
7:26 pm
maybe not everybody, but they'll do it. they will do anything to win. they are capable of campaigning tough. they may not be capable of running the country tough but they are capable of campaigning tough. >> go ahead eleanor. >> i think the people around obama were better at running a campaign than they were at governing. and now that they are back in campaign mode his numbers are up. i think they will be perfectly capable of matching dollar for dollar every nasty ad the romney people come up with. >> one last point and then we'll bring? david shuster. on twitter we were talking
7:27 pm
about this, a lot of sent in tweets i know obama is not running ads now, but there will be time, and i got nervous. if we're already making excuses about how obama is keeping his powder dry. i was like oh, no not again? >> why run ads now when the republicans are destroying themselves. >> i know i would go to the middle of the bonfire and bring a tanker of gas. and say have at it. >> everything that barack obama does it will have an effect on the candidates. if obama throws gas on the fire that is going to help newt
7:28 pm
gingrich. >> newt gingrich is the president's super pac just working now. >> we'll leave on that point and come right back. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster manager and i sea food differently. pure friendship. pure delicious chocolate. pure hershey's. [ dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected. no we're not.
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cq the very first executive order will abolish all of the white house czars as of that moment. [ cheers and applause ] >> we will issue immediately an
7:31 pm
executive order on the same day -- all of this will happen about two hours after the inaugural address. we're going to have a work period before the balls, because this is going to be a working presidency. i may not get in as much golf as obama, but i'll get in a lot more job creation. >> man i don't know if he is delusional or what but he is certainly confident. >> what is with the czar talk? >> it is made up. they are like czar doesn't that sound russian, kind of like communist! >> all right. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> and again joining us from
7:32 pm
tampa, florida david shuster. david i want to read you your own tweet, which i thought was the tweet of the night, congratulations. >> all right. >> panhandle results not in so final numbers will tighten. and you were saying that they were going to tighten, and they have tightened. 46 to 32 now. so give us what is happening on the ground there. >> the romney campaign has been paying very close attention to the political optics. there was a time when it looked like 16 to 18 initially, and the romney campaign said let's not wait until the 9:00 hour let's go ahead and when the networks have already declared this
7:33 pm
let's go ahead and surf that commitment with the idea that maybe a lot of people would tune out of the coverage but at least it's a decisive ploy. but one thing i wanted to point out that the obama campaign is certainly looking at, and that is the national poll of independents. back in december mitt romney among independents had a 21% positive opinion, and 22% had a negative poll. and the latest poll had 22 positive, but 42%, almost twice as many on the negative side. so what that does for obama
7:34 pm
campaign says this process is taking its toll on mitt romney. and whether that number continues to get larger or stay 40, 42%. the obama campaign feels they don't need to get in just yet. and as long as they number stays high, the obama campaign feels they can wait. >> that's a great point. and look you guys -- everybody that watches "the young turks" knows how i want to be super aggressive. but i get it. right now they are enjoying the fruits of newt gingrich's sledge hammer against mitt romney. and you saw the speech by gingrich. give me a sense of the reaction. do people think he is so confident or do they think he is
7:35 pm
on another planet? >> he is a wreck. the romney campaign i'm sure was delighted with the gingrich speech and saying look at that. that's why most voters felt newt gingrich cannot win a general election. because he is erratic. so again, and that gets to the central point that electability has become such an important issue in the race. 45% again here in florida where voters said the ability to beat barack obama is more important than any other issue. so all you have to do is watch a speech and you can see why newt gingrich cannot possibly win a
7:36 pm
general election against pot obama. and when they say this speech is crazy, that it was awful the wall, it reinforce s romney's main theme and that is that newt gingrich is simply not stable enough to beat president obama. >> david. all great points thanks again for joining us and your coverage down there in florida. >> you bet. >> as i saw it i thought newt is not going away and this guy is the blob. he will keep going, and if he knocks out santorum he still has a shot there. but i could be wrong. it is possible that everybody looks at this the is a crazy
7:37 pm
erratic. so it's fascinating, we'll see how it develops and when we come back, we'll talk about latino voters and exit polls. there's so much more to talk about. come right back with us. ♪
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reveals itself. boat-rockers. and above all... and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv. we're back on "the young turks" florida primary coverage. >> it's hard to find a constituency that newt gingrich won with. true conservatives gingrich said he won those and people who are active in the tea party.
7:41 pm
he won that. and then evangelicals. he was slightly higher on that. but then you go to the rest. he wins every age demo 65 and over which make up 57% of the electoral. he dominated women and won men narrowly. he wins most everything. what was most interesting was who was the most unfair candidate? and mitt won those. and who had the most unfair ads, and it was mitt. close 35 33 yet they still
7:42 pm
voted for romney. >> that's fascinating. and one more thing before you get to latinos there, the reason he uses those numbers, he is still waving conservatives, gobbling up 13 to 14%. and if he could just swing people into thinking he would be the candidate to run against obama, then maybe he has a shot. >> i think after they give a speech like that tonight, and the way he has been behaving in general, i think that's unlikely. people making over $200,000 romney wins 61-23. >> really? actually gingrich actually has larger tax cuts for rich people. >> so he wins across the board and 14% of voters in florida are latino voters, and he won those
7:43 pm
also overwhelmingly. >> mitt romney had the, quote unquote, tougher stance against immigrants, right? >> right. >> but somehow he managed to convincingly beat newt on that issue. >> i read the interviews from latinos and they say romney is more of a family guy. or he has the best chance to beat obama. at the same time they are saying if he comes to power, the next day they are going to deport a good portion of immigrants. >> romney came up with self
7:44 pm
deportation? >> and somehow that worked? >> he was not talking to latinos. and let's remember the latino population in florida is totally different from the other latinos in the country. this was the latino time and hour, and if you would rubio's name as candidate for vice presidents you won't hear that again until october. >> his statements that favor romney that's [ inaudible ]. >> yeah, because he thinks romney is going to win. >> yeah he said today during the primary that the winner of the florida primary will be the
7:45 pm
nominee, knowing full well that romney was going to be the winner of the primary. >> exactly. president obama didn't do immigration reform or push it that hard. >> the process that president obama is trying to amend to second himself but he has the record in deportations in one year more than 100,000. so i don't think many latinos are going to cross and that 67% that voted for bama in 2008 are going to turn to republican. but there are very good possibles, that they are going to stay home.
7:46 pm
>> as we come back let's look at february. what is coming up and in those states who has the advantage, romney or gingrich in when we return. ♪ go! go! go! yayyy! go! go! go! go! how do you like them apples? he didn't do nothin'. orbit. for a good clean feeling. no matter what.
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good job. we'll explain what that means when we come back. tony, pick it up. you know i'm just not feeling the wood cutting thing
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today. tony, eat a snickers. why? 'cause you get a little bit whiny when you're hungry. better? better. [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry™. hey! my back hurts. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies. [ roseanne ] now my front hurts. back on "the young turks" florida primary coverage. let's look at the february map and see what is coming up.
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and as i look at that board michael i'll start with you, there's an awful lot of delegates at stake here. newt gingrich had all of these plaque cards that said 46 states to go. he is kind of right. >> yeah, but as i mentioned there is only 44 to go for him, and missouri could have been the kind of place where newt gingrich may have had attraction. two big urban areas, and then a lot of conservative voters. he is not on the ballot. he polled well in colorado but that was in early december. so there doesn't seem to be a clear path in february for newt gingrich to do anything but work on the debate on the 22nd. >> eleanor as i look at this obviously it has a lot of
7:51 pm
caucuses on the board there. ron paul is gearing up for those. and then you have michigan which has got to be pro romney since he came from there. as you look at and then tirety who do you think has the advantage in those particular states? >> these are some of the states he won in 2008 when he didn't win the nomination maine, et cetera. i think the state that will be key is arizona. because there you have a significant hispanic population. you have the obama campaign the state they think they can carry now that john mccain is not on the ticket? arizona. romney didn't do well last time because mccain was contesting. a lot of hispanics in arizona. that will be a test of whether romney's staying power is going to carry over from florida with hispanics. i think the last guest made a
7:52 pm
good point. you hear all of those numbers, these are among republican primary voters, and they may not translate at all into the broader electorate. >> all right. we have to take a break here but i want to come back and sum up with everything. i'm looking at that map and thinking which state is santorum going to do well in? oh, right none of them. we'll see how that plays into it when we come back. when you crack open that bottle of sam adams you're getting the freshest beer you can possibly get. if it's not fresh, we buy it back. we spend so much time selecting the ingredients and using traditional brew processes. we want to make sure everybody gets a fresh sam.
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>>it is an independent progressive voice. and i love that. [[vo]]she's a political trailblazer. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. [[vo]]determined to find solutions. >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. [[vo]]driven to find the truth. >>what's really going on?
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o0ou all right back on "the young turks." we have now some fun social media updates for you. ana kasparian tell me what is happening. >> amanda is tweeting about the rally for newt gingrich. and they are playing interesting music. in fact she says the party is one step away from using glow sticks. >> i love that. >> and she names a few of the songs they decided to play. hit me with your best shot. dynamite, don't you want me by human league and finally hey, mickey which is the most random of all. >> the rest of them make sense he is like don't you want me?
7:56 pm
>> apparently not. >> all right. thank you, ana, and amanda your colleague at "huffington post," nice tweets there. real quick on santorum i have a bold prediction santorum drops out on the night of february 7th. after disasters in nevada and maine, and continuing disasters of colorado and missouri that night santorum is going to say no mas. >> he won't be saying anything in spanish at any point ever. >> then i think gingrich picks up voters there and still has a chance. but lightning round for everybody. david i'll start with you. is it over first question is it over is romney the nominee? >> i don't think it is over. i think romney is clearly the
7:57 pm
front runner, but you are right. it is still a battle. >> eleanor? >> there will be battles ahead but romney will emerge the nominee. that has been pretty obvious since the beginning, i think. >> i love the confidence of eleanor. gabrielle? >> it's not over because this represents a real division inside the republican party between two really interesting parts and rick santorum didn't lose today the loser was gingrich because he is going on. >> because he spent a lot more money. >> there are like 74 states left, it can't possibly be over. if you added them both together i'll say it again, mitt romney will beat
7:58 pm
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